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6631 44 Street, Leduc, AB T9E 7E5, Canada

1-780-986-7140     dispatch@INdentoilfield.com


•         H2S

•         WHMIS

•         FIRST AID

•         TDG

•         CSTS

•         GODI


•          AMTA COR Certified

•          ISNetworld Registered

•          Complyworks Registered

•          WCB is in good standing (AB, BC, SK) 

Indent Oilfield Trucking Ltd. is recognized in keeping with the principles of Partnerships in Health and Safety.  Indent has completed training in the basics of a health and safety system, developed and implemented a health and safety system demonstrating worker health and safety as a prime consideration in their daily operation, and met the small employer standard for Partnerships through an evaluation of their health and Safety system.  Indent has been COR certified by Partnerships in Health and Safety governed by Alberta Employment, Immigration and Industry.


Indent Oilfield is an active member of ISNetworld.  Through ISNetworld we are able to complete the following functions.

 •            Receive email reminders prior to expiration of insurance and other compliance information

•             Manage employee training, job history and performance evaluations

•             Comply with regulatory and owner client requirements

•             Centralize all compliance information, contact information' and marketing information

•             Manage our companies safety and procurement information available to owner clients

•             Management System Questionnaire (MSQ)

•             Insurance

•             Workers Compensation Board Clearance Letters and Rate Sheets

•             COR/ SECOR certificates

•             Safety Programs

•             Supplier Diversity Certificates

In addition, ISNetworld’s Review and Verification Services (RAVS) verifies and evaluates our health and safety information to ensure record keeping and minimum provincial regulatory requirements are met. Our drivers are subject to random drug screening, they maintain all relevant tickets (including H2S, WHIMIS, TDG, CSTS, and First Aid), and are retrained at regular intervals, depending on need. Our Health and Safety
officer and management are also subject to regular training to keep abreast of changes in the industry,
common practices and the Health and Labor code.