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The tri-drive winch can do anything the tandem can do, but better. With more wheels on the ground the Tri-drive is capable of hauling much heavier loads, without requiring any permits. 

The Winch tractor. These units are all equipped with winches capable of loading and unloading skidded units. Capable of hauling buildings, shacks, tanks, bins and many other loads equipped with two, three or four rail skids. These trucks are able to pull any and all trailers available to Indent, and utilizing them to their fullest. Long loads, wide loads, tall loads are not an issue for these units as they are equipped with pneumatic Dimensional signs, yellow beacons, flags and load securement devices. The tandem tractors are also equipped with tire chains for wet, muddy and icy conditions. 

Used in combination with one of our two scissor neck trailers our winch tractors are capable of loading and hauling a wide variety of equipment as well. With the ability to lay the trailers down, large, medium and small equipment is no issue for a winch tractor. 

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